"We worked in an intensive camp with Dr. Nicole Apelian, she was the engine and heart of this film. She taught Tom, Debra, our crew and myself that touching nature in some small way every day is healing. She reminded all of us that connection to the eternal makes everything else just a little less loud and might I say and not just a little bit funny… we laughed a lot while we learned. Her simple prescription, “Life is better when trees, mountains, water, deserts or sky can be touched.” So if at all possible, make contact with nature every day. a walk. a sit. a moment to breathe. look up and away from our phones and screens… to let breath in and then out… This is a good life." 

Ben Foster, Actor, Leave No Trace

What People Are Saying About Nicole Apelian

“I am so grateful for your nerve pain salve. Thank you so much!  

Now I just need to get my mom to try it. She thinks because the prescription topicals she has tried don't help much that yours won't work either. Yup, she's stubborn. lol”

Rosie Cotton

“Inspirational, the challenges you have overcome throughout your life gives many (including myself) so much hope. The knowledge gained from spending time with the Kalahari Bushmen must be priceless also..... a time to reset from the mind chatter which comes with modern living. Keeping it real, showing gratitude and sharing experiences whilst rocking a gorgeous smile all the time. Stay awesome Sister 👍”  

Geoff Preen

"Nicole, do you have a book with pictures identifying medicinal plants that grow in America for MS [autoimmune diseases]? If you don't you should write one so people diagnosed with such diseases can identity plants and use them to get well as you did. You are an inspiration to those of us who have a hard time with conventional meds. I know I would love to learn what you know and apply it to my life style." 

Deanna Connelly Cooper Peterson

" Ms. Apelian, you are such an inspiration. I am glad to see you are doing well. I will never forget freshman biology with you and the day you told us you had MS and that you would be leaving Valley Catholic. I was never really adept in biology or science but you made it fun. Thank you for that. My son just started cub scouts and maybe one day we will join a class of yours."

Andy Williams

“I’ve said it before Nicole... you are my real life superhero... just watching you and hearing you speak is ...life giving to me and your smile is like the sun... Thank you for being you 😊😊👊 ”  

Mike Morgan

“What a great class Nicole. I love how you had everything set up so that we could see the plant and follow along with a printout of its qualities. Made it very easy to understand and identify. Looking forward to coming out again.”  

Patty Glanville 

"Thank you for all the wonderful tinctures Nicole! 

I have all the family members using them too! 

Lala Plouchart 

"Thank you, Nicole Apelian, for an absolutely outstanding class. The class was a revelation, as it exposed my total ignorance of the bounty that awaits us in a weed patch. I will never look at weeds in that light again. Wonderful presentation..!!"

Dutch Hollan

What People Are Saying About The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

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